The Art of the Tart

           rustic tarts in the French style


The Art of the Tart produces small-batch, hand-made, puff-pastry, sweet and savory tarts.


It's been my intention from the outset to make the highest-quality French-style tarts I can — a process that takes three days.

All the puff-pastry is made by hand in small batches; and each tart is cut and shaped individually.

No stinting on butter — I use prodigious amounts of an expensive European-style version with an especially high butterfat content.

My fruit and jam are bought carefully and are of the least adulterated quality.

I only bake on the day of sale so you can be assured your tart is as fresh as possible and at its peak.

This is SLOW FOOD.

Kate J. Weiner, Sole Proprietor

Clinton Corners, NY 12514

  1. (845)868-7107

theartofthetart @

The Richness of Summer (large tart on left) peaches poached in brandy on a bed of crushed Amaretti snaps;  (tartlets on the right) caramelized onions with fresh herbs; apples soaked in lemon juice and zest; blueberries with fresh lemon zest; fresh apricots poached in saffron syrup.

Fresh-baked tarts now delivered every Friday morning to Quattro’s Farm Store at 2251 Route 44 in Pleasant Valley and to Marona’s Market on Front Street in Millbrook, NY.


We also happily accept special orders year ‘round. So think of us for your parties, luncheons or other special events.